Memorial Day Weekend On A Plane

So recently I haven’t really found the inspiration to write. All of my recent ideas feel incomplete or not good enough to post. As I’m writing this post I’m actually on a flight to Seattle for the weekend for business.

I’ve sacrificed my birthday weekend in order to take one for the team, collect on an opportunity to gain more insight as to how my mistakes(in this case not my mistakes) waterfall down to the people who have no other choice but to troubleshoot and give up their weekend to fix, and also prepare myself for my own delivery at the end of this year.In  In a sense I had no choice but to take this assignment. In another sense, I did have a choice.

In the past month I’ve witnessed in person the complexity of workplace drama internally and externally. One of the reasons why I accepted this weekend is due to the realization that internal promises mean absolutely nothing if the customer doesn’t care. In the likely event that I am unable to go to my own delivery and witness the fruits of my labor, this experience will allow me to be more aware of what to ensure works well so that no one ends up paying for my mistakes. Hopefully this weekend goes smoothly so that I can at least work in a less stressful environment. Unfortunately for me, I won’t have the opportunity to unwind this weekend and reset for the next month of no vacation days.


Thanks for reading. Feel  free to comment .For those of you drinking this weekend, please take a shot :).


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