Life One Year After College

So it’s been about 13 months since I graduated from college as a computer engineering major. After seven months working as a software test engineer, I wanted to summarize what college has done or hasn’t done for me. Before I start, please keep in mind that everyone’s experience is different.

Computer engineering is a mix of electrical engineering and computer science. We learn a lot about circuits components, design, and theory from the electrical engineering side. At the same time we learn various programming languages, algorithms, and applications from the computer science side. During my job hunt, this lack of true specialization and focus led to a hard time landing certain jobs, but ultimately it has helped me in my ability to see the big picture of a product and piece things together. How much of what I have learned do I use day to day?

I think the most important things I learned in college that I use everyday are Linux usage, computer networking concepts, and how to read circuit diagrams. These three skills are from three out of 53 classes in my time in college. Of course I still use some concepts from time to time that I learned in college, but the take away from this article is that no matter what you’re studying, there’s no way your college will be able to teach you everything you need to know. College can only teach you how to learn on your own, prioritize time, and cope with stress. At the end of the day, what you need to realize is learning doesn’t stop once you’re done with school, learning continues for the rest of your life.


Thanks for reading. 


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