Your Pain Is My Pain, My Pain is My Pain

So we’ve all heard that saying that labels people, “some people are takers and some people are givers.” In a sense, I believe that applies to our daily conversations with the people we interact with. Some of us have a lot to say, while some of us have a lot to listen to. In my case, I’m a mixture of both, but I know when and what mode I’m needed. More to the point of this post, I know when the people around me need someone to vent to.

What separates a giver and a taker in this case? A taker will always end up steering the conversation in the direction of their own interests. Have you ever had a conversation with your friend where they start off asking you about your day/life/dilemma, and suddenly the conversation ends up all about them? That’s the classic example of a taker. Takers in general are focused on themselves. As much as they try not to do it, it still ends up the same way. Why? It’s simple, we are all individuals. Individuals walk separate paths, have separate interests, and separate goals. At the end of the day, each and every interaction you have with someone else can be summed up as how did that end for you.

What’s a giver then? A giver is that person who patiently listens to you as you talk about your life, vent about your problems, and helps you figure out your dilemma. Why do we have givers if everyone is an individual? Givers tend to be the more passive types. People that are a little less selfish about their needs. I think givers tend to understand that if the people around them are happy, it’ll surround them with a more happy environment. So at the end of the day, givers balance out the takers.

So what’s the point of this post? The idea behind this post is for you, the reader, to take a brief moment and think about this. Which one are you, a giver or a taker? Keep in mind, being labeled as either one or both isn’t a bad thing. We all have moments where we need to be a taker, and we all have moments where we are givers. There is however a tendency to be a more dominant giver or a more dominant taker. So which one are you?

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.


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