In The Spirit Of Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving in America today and that means I finally have free time to get on this blog. First and foremost, happy Thanksgiving to all my readers! This holiday shouldn’t be the only time we actually stop to think about what we’re thankful for. I was listening to the radio on Monday and the dj was jokingly talking about how he had to work in the UK one Thanksgiving and they thought it odd that we make a holiday just to give thanks when thanks should be given everyday. This statement does make a point, but I think the Thanksgiving allows us a break from our busy schedules to actually spend time with those that we’re thankful for. As for this post, it will mainly be a reflection on the past year, what I learned, and what I’m thankful for.

As I am every year, I am thankful for the health, happiness, and prosperity of myself, my family, and the family of my friends. This year was a big year for me. It was a time where I transitioned from being a student with limited responsibilities, to an unemployed adult, to an employed full-time adult. Throughout this year, I faced many challenges and learned many lessons as a result of these things. The most important lesson I learned from these experiences is perseverance. Even when things look bad, as long as you keep at it, you will eventually pull through. This applies to life, work, and relationships. At the end of the day, nothing comes easy in life. Nothing in life happens the way we plan it. 

So once again in the nature of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank all of my friends, family, and coworkers for their support and friendship. I wouldn’t be where I am today without having been exposed to the people, places, and experiences I’ve been through so far. Happy turkey day, don’t get too fat!


Thanks for reading!


The New Guy Roller Coaster

So these last two weeks have been a really up and down time for me at work. That’s the main reason why I didn’t have time or the motivation to post in that time. At the beginning of last week, the project I was working on was ahead of schedule. By the middle of last week, I felt like my project was in the gutter. Thankfully due to the help of my coworkers as well as the additional hours I put in, my project is all good again.

What did I learn from the last two weeks?
First off, at no time in any of my jobs have I ever been afraid of failing and the consequences of failing. The biggest reason why my project brought about this fear is because our client will be here next week to walk through our acceptance testing. This project, being my first “solo” assignment, is very important because if all goes well, I will have passed the first test in the eyes of all my managers. It also helps prove to myself that I am starting to know what I am doing at work.

On Monday, my project was back up and running. From then on, my focus was on becoming more confident in what I was doing, what I knew about my project, and how I answered my superiors when asked about the progress I was making. By today, I noticed that my project manager seemed to have more faith in me and was asking other leads to start training me in things that show long-term promise. I can’t help but feel a little accomplished because my project manager is one of those “no bullshit” type of people. If my project manager thinks you are incapable of performing a task, you won’t be asked to do anything, let alone given the opportunity to learn new things.

In summary, I feel good about how this week ended. Ultimately I want to keep up this confidence I’ve built and channel it into a good thing. I decided to document everything I’m learning so that future new hires in my department will have an easier time picking up the skills they will need to confidently go about their work. In the end, I’m just thankful that everything worked out in the end. I still have a lot of pressure on my project, but I’m pretty sure I can handle it from here on out.

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